The Company

IN.ED.I, Interventi in Edilizia Industriale Srl, has worked with metalworks construction since 1991, specializing in the design (project engineering), construction and installation of large-size main doors, especially for hangars equipped for the construction and maintenance of aircraft and/or boats.

Since 2004 IN. ED.I Srl has obtained the certification of the quality system.

Inedi Srl Product type -download PDF-

IN.ED.I Interventions in Applied Research Srl born in the first place as a Society of Design and General Contractor and later structure with specialized personnel and equipment to build and assemble as it is designed.
The most important experiences of the founders allow at In. ED.I to turn immediately to the design, construction and installation of large gates, in particular closures hangar, maintenance and construction of aircraft and boats.
The constant presence on the market, specific accomplishments and innovative and prestigious customers place the IN. ED.I between industry players large gates.

Today IN.ED.I is:
* Sales and marketing office promotion, budgeting
* Technical design study new products
* Design and sizing disegnatura with computer systems
* Administration and finance administration, accounting, customer / supplier
* Materials management purchasing, warehousing, logistics
* Testing and quality control service quality standards ISO 9000
* Production of building steelwork, mechanical assembly and wiring in a factory of property (1500 sqm approx) with specific equipment
* Assembly and service technicians with vehicles equipped